Rebranding to AccessNurse from TeamHealth MCC

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In early June of this year, we shared the news that we had changed our look and overall brand identity.  We not only changed our logo, but also our messaging and how we show up in the marketplace.

As the TeamHealth Medical Call Center evolved over time, we had simply outgrown our brand identity and core message, which is a natural part of every dynamic, growing business.

Our Story and Why We Changed Our Brand

Our previous logo was mainly reflective of our parent company, TeamHealth, and although they are a major part of our story, it’s just one strand of the fabric of our brand’s DNA. Our medical call center was created in 1996 primarily for the purpose of providing support to TeamHealth physicians. It wasn’t long before TeamHealth recognized the need for medical call center services at a national level, so we began to grow and acquire external clients.

More than two decades later, we have evolved to become the premiere provider of medical call center solutions, providing services to more than 15,000 providers in individual and group practices, hospital systems, universities, community health centers and other medical organizations across the country. Our brand today is more dynamic than it has ever been, so we felt the time was right to make the change.

AccessNurse – Behind the New Name & Logo

Since our conception, providing “access” to medical care has been the underlying theme and pulse of the call center. It is woven into every fabric of our brand: from our story to how we treat our clients and their patients. We believe the “AccessNurse” name is a textual representation of what we provide, believe in and represent: providing clients and patients with 24/7 access to definitive nurse care. We also supplemented our name with the tagline, “A TeamHealth Company” to reinforce our alignment with TeamHealth and the medical integrity, experience and resources that go along with that relationship.

The challenge with every logo design is finding a symbol that visually represents your core message. The icon we chose is a visual representation of the multiple solutions we utilize to provide a comprehensive and customized call center solution to meet each client’s unique needs.

We wanted the logo to POP – something that jumps out and makes a statement. We chose to use multiple colors instead of one. While each color has its own meaning, they also represent the variety of services we provide. We share three of the icon colors with TeamHealth to maintain a solid visual connection to our parent company. The fourth color – the burnt orange – represents our evolution as an independent medical call center and how our brand will continue to evolve and differentiate itself over time.

Another challenge in logo design is creating something with meaning behind it. Besides the rings and color variations, if you look closely at the center of the icon, you will notice the shape of a medical cross in the negative space. It’s a subliminal message that reinforces our primary purpose: providing high quality, compassionate medical care with uncompromised standards and unfaltering compassion. It’s the promise we make to every client.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the look and the evolution behind it. For more information about our solutions and how AccessNurse can meet your organization’s needs, please contact us at 844.277.6312.