Three Benefits of a Hospital Call Center Partnership

Utilizing a hybrid call center model – a combination of in-house and outsourced call center services – has become one of the most viable options available to in-house call centers. Hospitals across the country are readily adopting and applying this methodology to their in-house call centers for three primary reasons: cost containment; emergency back-up; and as an interim solution for future growth.

Cost containment is one of the most practical reasons healthcare systems are outsourcing call center services within the hybrid model. While volume is high, in-house nurse triage is financially sustainable, as the cost per call is lower in comparison to staffing costs. However, as call volume decreases, the cost per call increases. Outsourcing telephone nurse triage call center services during traditionally low call volume hours, such as 11p-7a is an effective way of managing operational costs.

When internal service programs are created, whether it is a readmission reduction program or expanded hours, costs significantly rise, due to increases in staffing, training, equipment and space. Outsourcing services that can be managed and performed remotely to a professional call center that has the infrastructure in place can significantly reduce operating costs associated with new programs.

Another benefit of utilizing a hybrid call center model is emergency backup coverage, which is vital in the 24/7 world of healthcare. An outsourced call center can seamlessly handle call overflow during times of high volume or unplanned staff shortages. An outsourced backup service undoubtedly impacts the quality of care during these times in a positive way, and can provide uninterrupted service in the case of a disaster.

An outsourced call center partnership can also be an integral part of a healthcare system’s future growth strategy. While an organization’s long-term goal is to have a full-service in-house call center, utilizing a hybrid model to test service lines in the early stages can produce valuable data and insight. There may also be programs that the outsourced call center provides, but that the organization is not yet equipped to handle in-house. Many professional call centers provide a range of services and programs and can be contracted to fill service gaps as a healthcare organization builds its own in-house system.

Having access to full service medical call centers means there is no reason that a healthcare system is unable provide comprehensive call center services in the present, even with limited in-house capabilities. Partnering with an experienced medical call center can help organizations in the short-term during periods of low call volume, and in the long-term as they plan for future growth – all while helping keep expenses under control.

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