Strategic Clinical Solutions for new and existing call centers

Consulting Team Leadership

AccessNurse helps organizations implement cost containment strategies and provide high quality to new or existing call center services through our in-house consulting team, led by Vice President of Strategic Clinical Solutions, Gina Tabone, MSN, RNC.

In her role, Gina partners with organizations to fine tune and optimize current operational and clinical performance, as well as support organizations that want to improve their own in-house medical call centers, ensuring processes are aligned and contributing to overall goals and strategies. She conducts on-site, comprehensive assessments that identify strengths while pinpointing areas of opportunity for improvement.

Gina came to AccessNurse after spending 19 years with Cleveland Clinic’s world-renown Nurse on Call program. As an industry thought leader, her breadth of operational and administrative experience makes Tabone an invaluable resource and distinguished leader for AccessNurse.


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"In developing a new medical call center for the MASH Care Network the best decision we made was to bring on Gina Tabone, a Consultant from AccessNurse. Her expertise and knowledge regarding call centers was instrumental in developing our center the “right way” by making the patient the focal point."

Gina LaFountain, Director Medical Access Center

MASH Care Network

“Bringing in Gina Tabone from AccessNurse was a great investment for our FQHC call center. Over four days, Gina came in to observe our staff and operations in a non-judgmental way that encouraged staff candor and made it clear she was there to help. You don’t know what you don’t know, and feedback from Gina’s industry-specific insights and expertise is helping us move our call centers to a higher level of performance. We found her clinical background to be particularly helpful in recommending call center changes that were also mindful of providers, the limitations of our electronic health record, and patient safety.”

Heather Holland, Development Director & Kai Nissley, Chief Operating Officer

Santa Rosa Community Health Centers

Is Your Consultant Empathetic to Your Needs?

The expertise of a medical call center consultant can help define the best organizational goals and map out strategies for achieving those goals, but empathy must play a role in the process.

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